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Boost kids energy and get into Back to School

We know that kids should eat more fruit and it is your work as a parent to get that. Nowadays, when we get back into school and routine, we have less time and that would be more complicated. Fruit snacks like Casual Fruit can be helpfully when we want to teach children to eat healthier.

Healthy diet plays a key role in reducing obesity rates and on the other hand, it has been shown that nutrition is essential as "preventive medicine", it avoid the development of serious diseases in adulthood. Of course, these arguments are not very convincing for the little ones ;)

We need to teach them to eat fruit and we found that sometimes this task is not easy. They don’t like all fruit varieties and many times, if we achive that goal, it is because we made the effort to present fruit attractively.

That's why Casual Fruit crispys are a strategic partner of parents in back to school time. Have a snack out of home, can also be healthy, comfortable for dads and so funny!

Fruit snacks by Casual Fruit are perfect when we will not go through home or do not have time. It’s simply, open a packet to give kids the energy they need for their games, if they are at school, in after school classes or with friends at the park.

One packet of Casual Fruit satisfy children’s needs of fruit and vegetables recommended by OMS and also, they eat a wide variety of fruits like it were candies! Red fruits, apple, banana, pineapple, multivitamins... What will you put in your bag today?

31 Septiembre 2016

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Ensalada de verano con Casual Fruit

En el post de hoy os traemos una receta riquísima para disfrutar cualquier día de primavera o de verano acompañada con nuestros snacksCasual Fruit. ¡Apuntad!

Ingredientes Para 3 o 4 personas:

-1 bolsa de canónigos

-2 bolsas de Casual Fruit al gusto (por ejemplo, piña y berries)

-1 rulo de queso de cabra

-2 pechugas de pollo


-1 cucharada de aceite

-Sal en escamas



Vertemos los canónigos en la fuente para ensaladas, añadimos los snacks Casual Fruit, la cucharada de aceite, la sal y removemos bien.

Hacemos el pollo a la plancha y lo troceamos pequeño para que sea fácil de mezclar con el resto de ingredientes. Lo añadimos a la ensalada.

Cortamos a trozos el rulo de queso de cabra y los calentamos un poco en la sartén para después colocarlos en las tostadas.

Añadimos tantas tostadas con queso de cabra como personas vayan a comer ensalada.

¡Y listo! Una ensalada riquísima y facilísima de hacer.

¡Esperamos que os guste esta receta, ¡pronto os daremos más ideas!

23 Junio 2016

Food ·

Beneficios de los zumos energéticos caseros

Con el auge de las dietas detox y la concienciación de mucha gente sobre la importancia de tener una buena alimentación, los zumos de frutas naturales y caseros han pasado a formar parte de muchos desayunos o tentempiés, y las licuadoras han pasado a ser parte fundamental de una cocina.

Por eso, hoy os recomendamos un zumo energético perfecto para ser tomado antes de realizar ejercicio, que os aportará esa energía extra que necesitáis y que además, ¡Está buenísimo!

Es el llamado “zumo verde”, nombre bajo el cual se identifican aquellos zumos compuestos principalmente por vegetales de hoja verde y condimentados con alguna fruta. ¡Un cocktail de vitaminas, minerales, enzimas y fitonutrientes que protegen y fortalecen el cuerpo!

¿Porqué es bueno tomarlo antes de hacer deporte?

Los vegetales contienen clorofila, que ayuda al proceso de oxigenación de la sangre aumentando el rendimiento deportivo. Además, contribuyen a la hidratación y reponen los minerales que se pierden con la sudoración, y contribuyen a la recuperación muscular gracias a sus componentes regeneradores.

Sus ingredientes principales son:








Tú eliges cuales añadir y cuales quitar, así como con qué fruta acompañarlo. Las mejores frutas para acompañar un zumo vitamínico son la sandía, la naranja y la granada. Además, para acabar de darle el toque de sabor, te recomendamos que añadas nuestros crunchys Casual Fruit, el de gazpacho, por ejemplo sería una gran elección. ¡Y listo! Ya tendrás un auténtico chute de vitaminas y minerales y toda la energía necesaria para realizar un buen entrenamiento.

15 Abril 2016

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To get kids to eat better!

Sometimes we find the "problem" that children don't have much appetite or not eat certain foods that they needed such as fruit and vegetables and prefer sweets and goodies ... Adults have to be an example for children. They imitate their parents in all aspects, diet also.

If the child grows up having breakfast with his parents, he / she will learn to breakfast in the proper way. If their parents eat a healthy breakfast, for example including a piece of fruit, a child will eat a breakfast including a piece of fruit and get used to it in the future. And always in every meal of the day! If we want our kids to eat healthy, we must to teach them!

Here you have some advices:  

1. Washing the hands before eating.

2. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

3. Have a good atmosphere during the meals: nodistractions, TV, video games, books ... - Create a family atmosphere to enjoy the moment.

4. Always drink water. We must drink before you start eating or after, it is not recommended to do it in between.

5. Fruits and vegetables should be present in some form in all meals. You can include our snacks in your diet. There are plenty of recipes that you can do! Salads, smoothies, use aour crunchys as topic for your desserts...And also is perfect snack when you are working or at gym.

6. Eat dairy products.

7. Bread, pasta, rice and other grains should be the staple food.

8. Avoid, as far as possible, fast foods: pizza, burgers, etc. They contain a lot of energy and nutrients, but also saturated fats.

9. Avoid eating goodies.

10. Learn to take good habits such as to help set or clear the table.

11. Try to have a fruit bowl in the room so that there is always fruit available for eating.

                                                                            Remember ... You are what you eat!

15 Noviembre 2015

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Casual Mixed Fruit Salad

The first thing we do is boil the eggs in a saucepan with water. While the egg is cooked, let's clean the base of the salad: lettuce. We may combine with other types of lettuce and endive salad, arugula or canon. We'll take the lettuce on a plate, and on this, we will be delivering tomatoes cut into wedges, the chopped asparagus, olives, hard-boiled eggs (peeled and sliced).

To be a spring salad add fruit, this froma will give a different touch to the other salads. Fruit will use Casual, ie lyophilized fruit, rich in vitamins and delicious for its crispy texture. You can choose between 6 flavors: Pineapple, apple, banana, berries and Multivitis Gazpacho.

For the mixed salad dressing, will miss the salt first, then the oil and finally the vinegar. Salad should stir well to distribute the Aline well.

List! Now you can begin to enjoy a light, tasty and super healthy!
10 Octubre 2015


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