It’s Fruit o’clock! Time to enjoy our healthy Fruits & Vegetables snacks

About Casual Fruit!

What's in the Casual Fruit's bag?

Casual Fruit is made of specially selected quality fruits.

Fruits, water and vegetables are the staples that we need to eat in greatest quantities, since they are the basis of our food pyramid.

Every packet helps you reach the 5 rations of fruits and vegetables that the WHO recommends to eat every day in order to keep a balanced diet.

Casual Fruit discovered that corn is the best supplement to the fruits. It also helps the snack to obtain a crunchy texture. It is easy to digest and it doesn’t contain gluten, which makes the snack suitable for people with celiac disease. Rich of maltodextrine, corn also helps the body to assimilate sugar quickly into the blood stream and to release energy progressively, which results in an appropriate elimination of the fruits’ sugar.

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How do we prepare it?

Casual Fruit has chosen freeze-dry technology to preserve fruits’ fresh nutriments.

Freeze-drying consists in extracting the water from the frozen food (sublimation) by combining low temperature and high pressure. Water is removed during the transition from solid to gas phase without going through the liquid phase.

With freeze-dry technology, the molecular structure of the fruit is preserved and, unlike with dried fruits, it is totally assimilated by the organism.

Furthermore, this technology allows us to obtain a crunchy texture and a delicious taste without any oil, added sugars, gluten or preservatives of any type. Freeze-dry technology is currently being used in both pharmaceutical and food industries to preserve all the properties of ingredients.

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Where you can buy Casual Fruit?

You can purchase your Casual Fruit products in our online shop and in larger supermarkets: Auchan, Leclerc, SuperSol, Supermercados Llobet and Costco.

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